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Asbestos Abatement and Removal Services

You Need the Right Abatement Contractor

The potential health risks associated with asbestos makes contractor selection extremely important.

Intercon Environmental, Inc. is a leader in the asbestos abatement industry. We have removed millions of square feet of asbestos-containing material from thousands of projects.

You can be certain that our vast asbestos abatement experience will provide the utmost in safety as well as compliance with all applicable state, local, and federal regulations.

EPA And OSHA Licensing / Certification

To ensure job site safety and project efficiency, our workforce has completed all EPA and OSHA training courses required for certification and/or licensing to work with asbestos, lead, mold, and other hazardous materials along with general safety courses.

In addition, our Supervisors and Project Managers oversee every aspect of job site risk management, from planning to final asbestos disposal at an approved and licensed facility.

As you can see, the Intercon team is fully equipped to ensure safety during every step of the asbestos removal process.

Our Techniques and Processes

  • Schools and Universities (both Public and Private)
  • Multi-family Housing Apartment Buildings
  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Government Buildings
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Military Buildings
  • Industrial Plants
  • Power Plants
  • Retail Stores
  • Hospitals
  • Airports

The techniques utilized by our asbestos abatement team are optimized for each specific space.

Environmentally Friendly And Interruption Free Disposal

In many cases, asbestos abatement and removal services must be performed in one portion of a building while the other portions remain occupied and continue to operate.

We understand how important continued productivity is and we have the experience and technical expertise to remove the asbestos-containing materials without interrupting your day-to-day operations, when possible.

The Bottom Line

Our certifications, extensive experience, and professional techniques in asbestos removal and disposal enable us to provide you with a stable, reliable, and trustworthy team of Project Managers, Supervisors, and Laborers, all of whom have ability develop a work plan that is specific to your specific project.

Contact Intercon Environmental, Inc. today for professional and knowledgeable asbestos abatement.

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